Washington Tree Farm Program

Congratulations to Sam and Joy Comstock, the 2014 Tree Farmers of the Year.


The Washington Tree Farm Program (WTFP) is co-sponsored by Washington Farm Forestry Association (WFFA) and Washington Forest Protection Association (WFPA). The program is run by a Tree Farm Committee made up of foresters and small forest land owners who volunteer their time. Foresters from around the state volunteer their time to certify Tree Farms into the program.

The Washington Tree Farm Program is sponsored by the American Tree Farm System (ATFS) which is nationally sponsored by the American Forest Foundation.

The ATFS established standards and guidelines for property owners to become a certified Tree Farm. Private forest landowners must create a management plan based on strict environmental standards and pass an inspection every five years.

Now there are 29 million acres of privately owned forest land in the ATFS. This is the oldest and largest voluntary, third party verification process in the U.S. The Tree Farmers share the commitment to protect soil, wildlife habitat and provide recreation for their communities while producing wood products.

How to Join

To join, fill out the Online Tree Farm Registration Form. The WTFP will respond directly to you and forward a copy of your inquiry form to the appropriate District Coordinator who will contact you directly and arrange for a site visit.

For more information contact:

Washington Tree Farm Program
P.O. Box 1814
Olympia, WA 98507